Estate Single Vineyard Memorious Pinot Noir

Memorious reveals a new dimension in the 2015 vintage, signaling for the first time its close kinship with Bloom’s Field. Positioned just below Bloom’s Field, the two climat are divided only by a narrow road. To date, the sites have produced remarkably different wines considering their proximity. As the lower of the two sites, Memorious has always shown the fleshiness and primary fruit indicative of its clay-rich topsoil, but in this vintage we encounter a significantly more developed finish to the wine. This lengthening brings with it a discernible saline snap and a savory flourish. As the young roots work through the clay loam and into the ancient seabed below, the signature saltiness – previously exclusive to Bloom’s Field – now emerges in a longer, more focused finish at Memorious.

376 cases bottled. 50% whole bunches. 25% new oak.

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