In the wine business, there is nothing more powerful than an extraordinary vineyard. As a man whose primary business is real estate development, Mark knows intimately the value of a piece of land. However, he had not really looked at that concept through the winemaker’s lens until he made an investment in the initial start-up stages of a captivating new venture called Evening Land. As the years went by, each trip to Burgundy to visit great vineyards and winemakers, each bottle of pinot noir or chardonnay opened, each moment on top of the hillside now known as La Côte, solidified his fascination with the Burgundian varietals and the elegance of their expression in the Sta. Rita Hills.

In late 2012, Mark began to collaborate with Raj and Sashi about elevating the prominence and place of the special vineyard that they all loved in the Sta. Rita Hills. The years of trust and deep friendship that had developed between the three was the genesis for the collaboration that resulted in the purchase of the vineyards that are now Domaine de la Côte. Mark began to understand what Sashi and Raj had been subtly explaining all along: that the wine business is less about the business of wine, and more about the journey from vine to glass, the expression of vineyard and vintage that ends up in the bottle.

Even though Mark makes his home in Houston, he is increasingly dividing his time with his passion in Santa Barbara County.

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